2014/2015 Season

Inspired by original transcripts from real-life case studies of incarcerated domestic violence survivors, Life Without Parole takes you "behind the barbed wire" exposing how these convicted women bond together, explore their pasts, and survive when orange becomes their new black & blue. 

Life Without Parole will be presented at the

New York International Fringe Festival August 8th - 26th, 2014

Visit www.LifeWithoutParolePlay.com for more information


WAT Project will take an inventive re-exploration of this revolutionary play from the late 1960's that creatively ventures through the Book of Genesis as it relates to our modern day experiences employing dance, improvisation, and fresh

multi-media musings.


The Serpent will be presented as our Spring Mainstage production in 2015



WAT Project is partnering with the David Lynch Foundation to provide a series of staged readings throughout 2014 to support this wonderful multi-platform initiative. 


The series kicks off Monday, May 19th, 2014 

(doors at 6:30, reading at 7:00pm)

Lone Star is the late night drunken reunion of Roy, his brother Ray, and old high school acquaintance Cletis. When Roy returns from serving time in Vietnam, his PTSD and numbness challenge his attempts to fit back into his small Texas town. Jessica Dermody (Artistic Director of WAT Project) will direct Lone Star featuring the talents of Joey Calveri (Rock of Ages, Wonderland), Aaron Krohn (Cabaret, Macbeth), and Brian Charles Johnson (Spring Awakening, American Idiot).


Laundry and Bourbon features three women of the same small town: Elizabeth, Hattie, and Amy Lee. The amusing and discontented gossip of these small-town wives highlights the reality that thier marriages have turned out to be less than they had hoped for. Damon W. Arrington (The Public and Labyrinth Theatre) will direct the reading of Laundry and Bourbon featuring Jenn Collela (IF/ THEN, Urban Cowboy), Katrina Rose Dideriksen (Hairspray, Jerry Springer: The Opera), and Lil Malinich (All My Children) in the cast.


To conclude the evening, there will be a brief introduction to Transcendental Meditation and The Operation Warrior Wellness Project. Audience members are welcome to meet and talk with members of the David Lynch Foundation and WAT Project.


Complimentary refreshments are included in the $25 Ticket Price. 


For tickets, visit http://dlfreadforwarriors.brownpapertickets.com/


Future Monday Night Light Readings To Be Determined



The Best Lead Generation Software

Lead generation is essential to your business success. If you doubled your leads, your business wouldn’t just expand, you’d end up doubling or tripling your bottom line. At Digioh, we can’t wait to help you do that; that’s why we offer lead generation software that is sure to help you generate at least twice as many leads as you have now.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the entire process of finding people who may be interested in what your business has to offer, getting them to sign up for free information from you and encouraging them to become paying customers. Any effective lead generation campaign has three steps.

Getting prospects to become aware of what your company has to offer. During this first stage, you aren’t trying to sell anything to your leads. You’re getting people to realize your business is concerned with solving a serious problem in their lives and to become curious about exactly what you do. During this stage, people are visiting your website for the first time or reading your Facebook page. They may sign up for a free email list, subscribe to your blog posts or download free resources from your website. Getting prospects to consider using your business. Once prospects have signed up for your email list or downloaded free information, they’re ready to consider whether or not to use your business. During this stage, you need to demonstrate consistently what the benefits of your business are. That way, these prospects will begin to see you as better than their competition. Getting prospects to buy from you. During this final stage, prospects are ready to buy and are seriously considering your business. Now, targeted calls to action are likely to inspire purchase.

Why Lead Generation is Effective

As you can see, lead generation isn’t all about sales, but it’s the first step to making new sales. In order to do it well, you need to have the time and patience to lead customers through all three stages. That way, they don’t feel pressured to buy from you and begin to see you as a trusted friend, making it easier for them to finally choose you over the competition.

If you’re like many business owners who don’t have the time to devote to a solid lead generation campaign, don’t panic. Digioh helps make the process easier and faster so that you can get the lead generation results you need.

How Digioh Helps Your Lead Generation Campaign

Digioh makes lead generation quicker and more effective in several ways:

We make it easy to capture leads’ information. Our software places a lead generation box front-and-center on your webpages where prospects can sign up for your email list. Your prospects see it as soon as they check out your website. Interested prospects will sign up right away using our targeted, prominent calls-to-action. We become your partner in generating leads and converting them to sales. We don’t leave you on your own; we offer a conversion coach who will help you come up with ideas and put them into practice so that you convert more leads to sales. You set the goal, we help you achieve it. We help you target the warmest prospects. Our lightboxes can be set so that the call-to-action box only appears to people who are actively engaged in your website. You can set the parameters for how much time people have to spend on the site, how much scrolling they have to do and how many pages they have to explore before the call-to-action box pops up. That way, you only target prospects who are ready for the next step and don’t drive away those who are still learning about your company. You can also target specific landing pages or specific referrers so that you target only the market segment that is most likely to respond to your call-to-action.

The Digioh difference can lead you to double your leads or more. Check out our demo today to see how much Digioh can do for your business.